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Architectural Column Covers Applications

Sheet metal bending for Architectural Column covers

Column covers are usually made of pre-polished or pre-painted Aluminum or pre-polished Stainless Steel. Radius forming tooling systems comprising of a SMART PAD® URETHANE RADIUS PAD functioning as a UNIVERSAL BOTTOM DIE and a custom developed steel radius punch to allow for the spring-back of the metal is to be developed for each size, type and gauge of metal being bent.

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Sheet metal bending for architectural column cover

Photo 1 shows a red SMART PAD® URETHANE RADIUS PAD with a beige wear-pad being used on a 400 Ton Press Brake to form a 48” diameter Column cover in 10 Ga. Aluminum. The custom made steel punch is 8” wide and developed and machined to 14 ft. length with spring back allowance. White parts in the background have a plastic protective cover. To illustrate the mar-free bending feature of the URETHANE RADIUS PAD, the protective cover has been removed to show the mar free finished part. By overlapping adjacent bends by about an inch, a smooth mar-free uniform bend is achieved.

Stainless steel column covers

Stainless steel column covers 18” diameter, 14ft. long, fabricated by bump forming, using a SMART PAD® URETHANE RADIUS PAD System and a custom steel punch.

Bended Sheet Metal for Architectural Column Cover

¼” thick pre-painted aluminum column covers 48” Diameter, 14 Ft. Long, bump-formed using a 12” wide SMART PAD® URETHANE RADIUS PAD and a custom made steel radius punch for an Architectural project.

Sheet metal bending for ARCHITECTURAL COLUMN COVERS are economically produced by using our patented SMART PAD system:


Our newest design SMP1240-ND is a very versatile design that can bend any radius in any gauge sheet metal. Steel Radius Punches are designed to allow for spring-back in sheet metal . The Urethane Pads 12” wide and 4” thick are designed with built-in stress relief areas for easy deflection. With a maximum punch penetration width of 8”, any radius can be formed by bump forming sequentially, without any lines in between hits.

For more details, please go to our SMP1240ND page.



Thousands of our original design SMP-1240 are being used all over the world for Large Radius bending of COLUMN COVERS. These Urethane SMART PADs have 9 holes molded through the full length of pad to reduce the tonnage. Pads are molded in 12” wide X 48” lengths. For longer bends, pads can be butted end to end to form any length.

For more details, please go to our SMP1240 page.

Sheet metal bending for architectural column covers
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