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The Benefits of Urethane Punch Strippers and Compression Springs

Punch strippers make the metal stamping process simpler, more streamlined, and more consistent. Conventionally, punch strippers rely on steel compression springs to produce tension between the workpiece and stripper assembly as it is stamped. However, modern innovations in materials science and more sophisticated manufacturing methods have afforded a number of performance advantages to urethane punch strippers and compression springs compared to their steel counterparts.

The Basic Function of Punch Strippers in Die Stamping Operations

Punch strippers streamline the overall metal stamping process, facilitating more consistent stamping operations by automatically removing pierced metal from the punch as it retracts. The punch stripper is integrated into the die assembly and holds the workpiece firmly in place both before and after the component is stamped.

Because the punch stripper makes contact with the workpiece before the punch, workpiece deflection is reduced, facilitating a more accurate and consistent metal stamping process. The same is true for the punch’s retraction: the workpiece is firmly held in place so that it does not become stuck or marred upon removal of the punch.

Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options <br> for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses
Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options
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How Compression Springs Function in Punch Stripper Assemblies

As their name suggests, compression springs are designed to create tension through compression, thus holding the workpiece is firmly in place. When the tension is released (as the punch retracts), the workpiece “springs” cleanly free from the punch.

Industrial punch presses generate an extraordinary amount of force – therefore, compression springs must be extremely durable and resilient in order to provide reliable metal stamping results over extended periods of production time. These components must be extremely strong and stable yet flexible and forgiving. This is where the benefits of urethane punch strippers and compression springs come into play.

The Advantages of Urethane Punch Strippers and Springs:

Urethane punch strippers and compression springs offer huge benefits to metal stamping operations in which corrosion, vibration, and magnetism prevent the use of conventional steel springs. Urethane materials do not rust or corrode, are nonmagnetic, and they tend to dampen vibrations.

In many applications, urethane offers the same load bearing capacity as steel compression springs and a similar service life, combined with easier fitting/installation to the punch. Furthermore, urethane strippers are smaller in size than steel or rubber punch strippers at the same pressure rating. The smaller sizes of urethane strippers allows for a closer center-to-center distance for punches.

Polyurethane Products Compression Springs and Punch Strippers

Polyurethane Products is an industry leader in urethane closed-end strippers. Available in standard and metric-sizes, we manufacture both closed-end and open-end punch strippers which are tough as steel, yet resilient as rubber. Conventional heavy duty die springs obtain up to 500 Ibs per 1/8" of deflection, whereas our urethane springs achieve 2600 Ibs per 1/8" deflection.

  • Extremely high load bearing capacities comparable to steel compression springs.
  • Extremely high flexibility, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance.
  • Extremely long service life comparable to or exceeding steel compression springs.
  • Ideal for punching oblong or odd-shaped holes.
  • Ensures positive stripping and removal of material from punch.

Custom Urethane Punch Strippers and Compression Springs Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Polyurethane Products is a leading American manufacturer that is highly experienced in producing a wide range of custom industrial equipment solutions. Our urethane punch strippers and compression springs are utilized by commercial stamping companies the world over to streamline their punch press operations and produce more reliable results.

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