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The Advantages of Industrial Urethane Bumpers vs. Conventional Rubber Bumpers

For today’s complex industrial equipment, urethane bumpers are a high-performance yet economical alternative to traditional rubber bumpers. Advancements in materials science have progressively engineered today’s urethane materials to provide specific performance advantages that you simply can’t get with conventional rubbers. To sum up the advantages, urethane vs. rubber bumpers can offer:

  • Higher durability.
  • Higher impact resistance.
  • Better shock absorption.
  • More finely-tuned deflection characteristics.
  • Better resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
  • A generally longer service life free from excessive wear and tear.

When industrial operations require reliable, ruggedly built urethane bumpers for their equipment, they increasingly turn to Polyurethane Products. Our company is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of both standard and custom sized urethane bumpers available in a wide variety of configurations to suit your unique equipment needs.

Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options <br> for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses
Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options
for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

Polyurethane Products manufactures a complete range of custom storage options
to efficiently handle your sheet metal rolls and other material coils.


Threaded Round Urethane Bumpers

Our threaded round urethane bumpers feature an extremely durable solid urethane core that is surrounded by a protective rubber layer for enhanced impact resistance. These versatile round bumpers are typically used in machine shops, fabrication facilities, and other industrial operations to guard, align, and precisely position parts for manufacturing.

The integrated threaded studs ensure that our round urethane bumpers are quick and easy to install or remove. That makes your maintenance process easier and minimizes your machine downtime. Male thread bumpers and male thread hex shoulder bumpers feature a rigid stud made of premium steel for securely fastening the bumper onto any virtually surface.

Metal-Reinforced Rectangular Urethane Bumpers

Our reinforced urethane rectangular bumpers feature a 1/8" thick metal plate bonded to the base for enhanced rigidity. These heavy-duty bumpers are often used to guard, align, and position parts for machining, fabrication, and other precision metalworking operations.

Many of our rectangular bumper options feature drilled unthreaded (through) holes to accommodate a mounting bolt for ease of installation. These reinforced urethane bumpers are hard and rigid for enhanced part handling characteristics. We also offer bumper options with an aluminum base plate to provide better corrosion resistance compared to steel backplate options.

Die Set Urethane Bumpers

Our die-set urethane bumpers are manufactured using high-performance Die-Thane compounds to enhance performance and durability for metal stamping operations. Stock lengths begin at 4" with longer bumpers available in 1" increments, as well as any custom sizes you might require. Stock hardness is 90 Shore A (Red) with a full range of other custom hardness levels available. The advantages of Polyurethane Products die-set bumpers include:


  • Reduced rate of die spring failure.
  • Reduce snap through impact load.
  • Less mechanical strain on gibs.
  • Capable of functioning as stripper springs for the die.
  • Substantially reduced noise levels.
  • Overall longer service life for tooling.

Polyurethane Products Bumpers: Better Performance with a Longer Service Life

Polyurethane Products is one of America’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty urethane bumpers along with a diverse range of other quality-built industrial equipment. Our advanced urethane bumpers are utilized by factories and industrial operations across the nation to achieve better equipment efficiency, reliability, and performance.

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