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Brake Die Film

Urethane Die Cover Film

  • Press Brake Urethane Die Film (also known as No-Mar Brake Die Film), eliminates Die marks & cross-metal contamination or rusting due to metal to metal contact
  • Ideal for bending painted, Aluminum, Stainless-Steel & other polished metals without tool marks
  • With our patent pending FILM HOLDER & POSITIONER, Film handling & positioning is easy
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press brake die film

No-Mar Brake Die Film

Being a major supplier of BRAKE DIE FILM & ACCESSORIES in the world, we can supply a single roll or box quantities or truck loads. We offer economical solutions to ship all over the world.

no mar brake die film

Sizes & Prices of No-Mar Film

P.P.C. Part #DescriptionPrice/RollBox Quantities
NM020151000.015" x 2"w x 100 ft$4224 PCS
NM040151000.015" x 4"w x 100 ft$8312 PCS
NM060151000.015" x 6"w x 100 ft$1268 PCS
NM120151000.015" x 12"w x 100 ft$2504 PCS
NM360151000.015" x 36"w x 100 ftCALLCALL
NM020301000.030" x 2" w x 100 ft$7812 PCS
NM040301000.030" x 4"w x 100 ft$1486 PCS
NM060301000.030" x 6"w x 100 ft$2154 PCS
NM120301000.030" x 12"w x 100 ft$4152 PCS
NM360301000.030" x 36"w x 100 ftCALLCALL

Film Roll Holder/Dispenser PATENT PENDING

Patent pending design Film Roll holders are made of molded Urethane with different tang styles to mount directly on to Press Brake rails. Locating holes allow the two plastic up-rights to be positioned with bolts and wing nuts for easy quick change from 4" wide to 6" wide film rolls. Designed for a maximum of 8" O.D. Roll ( 0.030" thick film X 100 Ft. long).

  • Film Roll Holders are available with a 60 mm wide tang for mounting on to a AMADA or other European style Press Brakes. Part No. NMFHE
  • Film Roll Holders are available with a 1/2" wide x 5/8" H tang for mounting on to a AMERICAN style Press Brakes. Part No. NMFHA
  • Film Roll Holders are available with a 13mm wide x 20mm H tang for mounting on to a TRUMPF style Press Brakes. Part No. NMFHT
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Film Positioners

Positioning of the film on a Press Brake Die is made easy and due to the ability to move across the width of a single rolled out length of film. This allows multiple bend points on the full width of the film, enabling maximum utilization of the film.

  • No need to deal with the hassle of constantly using double faced tapes or magnets or C-clamps to position the film on your Dies.
  • With our positioning devices, you can position the film any where on the full width of the film.

This model is made of steel, with a threaded shaft for lateral movement, this design can use 4" wide Brake Die films of 0.015"-0.030" thick. Slot in the round rolls enable tightening the film.

  • For AMADA and European style Press Brakes, a 60mm wide mounting block is clamped on to the die rail. Model No. DFPE
  • For AMERICAN style machines, the mounting block has a tang 1/2" x 5/8".   Model No. DFPA 
  • For TRUMPF style machines, the mounting block has a tang 13mm x 20mm. Model No. DFPT
  • Film can be positioned any where on the width of the die ( 1-V or 2-V).
  • Film height is adjustable by a pair of rotating supports, from 60mm (2.362") to 120mm (4.724") height from the base.
economy model brake die film positioners

Economy Model Film Positioners

The Economy model Film positioners come in 2 versions of mounting blocks:  Steel and Urethane. Film clamping rails on top are either of steel or Urethane are for up to 6" wide film and up to 0.078" thickness, and have lateral movements of up to 5-1/2".

  • For AMADA & European style Press Brakes, the mounting block is 60mm wide. Steel Part No. ESFPE Urethane Part No. EUFPE
  • For AMERICAN style Press Brakes, mounting blocks have a tang 1/2" x 5/8". Steel Part No. ESFPA Urethane Part No. EUFPA
  • For TRUMPF style Press Brakes, mounting blocks have a tang 13mm x 20mm. Steel Part No. ESFPT Urethane Part No. EUFPT
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Riser Blocks

Steel bottom Dies stack heights are of various working heights, depending on 1-V or 2-V dies, with or without Rails.

For this reason, 3 different sizes of riser blocks are included. These riser blocks have a slotted keyway to offer finer adjustments and are bolted to the mounting blocks.

  • Economy models are available in Steel & Urethane.
  • Mounting Blocks for AMADA, AMERICAN & TRUMPF 
  • Any thickness film, up to 6" width can be positioned across the full width of the film on top of any kind of bottom die.

Models and Dimensions

economy film positioners

Part Numbers:
ESFPE - AMADA or European
ESFPA - American
ESFPT - Trumpf
$199.00 per Pair (with 3 pairs of riser blocks)

economy film positioners

Part Numbers:
EUFPE - AMADA or European
EUFPA - American
EUFPT - Trumpf
$129.00 per Pair (with 3 pairs of riser blocks)

riser blocks
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