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Large Radius Bending on Press Brakes Using the SMART PAD Tooling System


With Polyurethane Products’ patented SMART PAD, you will be able to form mar-free radius bends of  virtually any size on numerous varying gauge of metal – all while using the same bottom die.

Our patented press brake tooling offers metal fabricators enhanced versatility and ease of setup while achieving smoother and consistent radii.

Quality Press Brake Tooling – Manufactured in the USA

Manufactured in the USA from an extremely high performance tooling-grade urethane material, the SMART PAD tooling helps you consistently achieve mar-free bending while streamlining the overall sheet metal fabrication process.

The Polyurethane Products custom-engineered SMART PAD is designed to simultaneously improve the versatility, efficiency, and repeatability of large radius  press brake bending. Our tooling is particularly effective in handling complex bends with large radii.

Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options <br> for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses
Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options
for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

Polyurethane Products manufactures a complete range of custom storage options
to efficiently handle your sheet metal rolls and other material coils.


The Advantages of SMART PAD Polyurethane Press Brake Tooling:

  • Performs consistently smooth radii produced without bend lines or kinking of the sheet metal.
  • Form virtually any radius using the same bottom die by simply changing the steel punch with the correct radius tooling.
  • The high-strength yet forgiving urethane material achieves entirely clean mar-free bends, allowing you to use pre-finished or pre-painted sheet metal.
  • Simplify and reduce set-up times, especially in bump forming large radius bends – allowing 8 inches of surface area to be covered with each hit.

Industrial Polyurethane Tooling for the Metal Stamping Industry and Beyond

Polyurethane Products is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom urethane and steel tooling. Our precision-built press brake tooling provides metal bending operations with the speed and flexibility needed to outbid the competition in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

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