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High-Performance Hydroforming with Polyurethane Forming Pads/Wear Pads

Polyurethane pads for hydroforming systems can offer substantially better performance compared to their rubber counterparts. In most applications, they simply last longer and perform more consistently over extended periods of operation. Moreover, high-performance urethane materials allow for a finer tuning of the elasto-forming process by choosing unique urethane durometers specific to your production needs for each project.

Polyurethane Products is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of hydroforming pads and wear pads. Our polyurethane pads are made in the USA and built from premium high performance urethane materials. 


We offer a full selection of options ranging from 12” to 36”  diameters, along with custom sizes – our high-output molding machines can produce virtually any large size pads with minimum turnaround time required. Our product line also includes replacement wear pads for Quintus, Verson, and Beckwood fluid cell presses.

Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options <br> for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses
Sheet Metal Roll Storage Options
for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

Polyurethane Products manufactures a complete range of custom storage options
to efficiently handle your sheet metal rolls and other material coils.


How our polyurethane pads enhance the hydroforming process:

Fine-Tuning of the “Elasto-Forming” Process

Exploit the elastomeric advantages of polyurethane materials with elasto-forming. Essentially, the fully enclosed urethane forming pad operates as a non-compressible hydraulic fluid. All of the pressure applied by the press is transferred directly to the sheet metal workpiece. We can therefore fine-tune the amount of pressure applied through the use of different durometer pads for different applications. We can even selectively place harder pads in areas where more pressure is required, further optimizing the overall hydroforming process.

Protecting Your High-Cost Hydroforming Equipment

Protect your valuable hydroforming equipment from damage and maximize your ROI. Polyurethane wear pads provide extended protection to the pressure pad, preventing damage from any sharp edges of the sheet metal workpiece. They provide higher pressures in selective areas through the placement of harder durometers which can help the hydroforming press perform more smoothly and efficiently.

Long-Term Service Life and Reliability

Beyond protecting the hydroforming equipment, our high-performance polyurethane materials extend the service life of the pad itself. Compared to rubber, polyurethane offers enhanced long-term reliability, with the ability to stand up to an exponetially increased number of load cycles. They are also more resistant to abrasion, wear and tear, other other common issues which typically cause rubber pads to wear out prematurely.

Polyurethane Hydroforming Pads for Better Performance and Extended Service Life

Polyurethane Products is one of the nation’s leading manufacturer of high-performance urethane pads for today’s state-of-the-art hydroforming systems. Our precision-built hydroforming pads are used throughout the industry to achieve better equipment efficiency, reliability, and performance.

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