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Polyurethane Products Blog

Discover the power of industrial polyurethane solutions with PolyProd's product series. Our blogs explore the innovative features and practical applications of our diverse range of products, including coil pads, sheets, and more. From design to production, we've got you covered with the latest insights and industry updates to help you enhance your business efficiency and effectiveness

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When to Replace a Compression Spring in a Punch Stripper Assembly

Compression springs are integral components that facilitate reliable operation of your punch stripper assembly system. Every spring requires a precisely tuned spring rate in order to exhibit the specific compression and rebound properties needed to achieve accurate and repeatable punch press operations.

How to Protect Sheet Metal Using Coil Storage

Proper sheet metal coil storage is crucial to ensure that your raw materials remain damage-free and ready-to-go for manufacturing.

The Advantages of Polyurethane Hammers – Durability Combined with Versatility

Polyurethane is one of the most ideal materials for manufacturing dead-blow hammers and soft mallets. A highly versatile polymer, polyurethane is tough, cost-effective, and reliable for a wide range of consumer and industrial tools. It also naturally offers numerous performance advantages for this unique application – most notably, customizable hardness combined with excellent shock-absorption.

Coil Storage Pads - Custom Sheet Metal Coil Storage Cradles

Polyurethane Products steps in with multiple coil storage options to choose from, all engineered with extreme durability to stand the test of time on any modern factory floor

The Benefits of Urethane Punch Strippers and Compression Springs

Punch strippers make the metal stamping process simpler, more streamlined, and more consistent. Conventionally, punch strippers rely on steel compression springs to produce tension between the workpiece and stripper assembly as it is stamped. However, modern innovations in materials science and more sophisticated manufacturing methods have afforded a number of performance advantages to urethane punch strippers and compression springs compared to their steel counterparts.

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