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Polyurethane Product Applications

Our products can be critical in helping you find the best solution to your challenge, here are a few successful polyurethane product applications.

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U-Troughs, 1/4" Thick SS, Formed in 3 Hits, in Various Radii

    A Polyurethane Products' customer designs and builds material handling systems for the Municipal Waste Water market. This type of conveyor uses a U-Trough to house the screw or auger. 

    The old process to make these troughs was to use multiple 5° breaks to create the 180° bend in stainless steel. This method required nearly 40 different hits to complete the U-bend.

    This created several major issues, such as:

    • Each time the stainless steel comes in contact with the punch and the die it embeds mild steel into the sheet. Stainless steel reacts differently sheet to sheet and within a sheet to produce a distorted trough. The trough has to be manipulated to return to the desired shape. The process is operator dependent for quality and productivity.
    • They contacted Polyurethane Products Corp. for a solution to their manufacturing process. They described their needs and objectives and we had a solution. They provided test material and we developed the dies and several radius punches.
    • The new process uses a variety of steel radius punches pressing into a polyurethane bottom die, called the SMART PAD™ SYSTEM. The small size troughs now require only 3 strokes to accomplish what took 37 strokes before. The additional advantage is that our product now has a smooth rolled appearance, rather than the chatter marks of multiple breaks. Their productivity increased and the troughs are created in one quarter the time and their production time is one hour less per trough because the troughs are perfect.

    "Using steel radius punches and the unique SMART PAD™ SYSTEM by Polyurethane Products Corp., we were able to have a single source solution for our radius products and greatly improved our productivity.”

    Part A: Formed on a CNC Press Brake with 1/2 spacing requiring many hits.

    Part B: Formed with 1/4 spacing 

    Part C : Formed in ONE HIT with the Smart Pad System

    Hydro-Forming of Airplane Wing Struts

    Many sizes of airplane wing struts are formed with our new Hydro-Forming pads. 

    These new Hydro-Forming pads are molded in various thicknesses comprising of 2 different durometers and molded holes to provide maximum cut resistant on the work surface while providing for maximum deflections within the pad.

    Aircraft parts that are forming using expensive Hyrdo-Forming machines can be economically formed with our pads.

    Perforated and Slotted Sheet Metal Formed Without Distortion

    Perforated stainless steel muffler guards are formed without any distortions or kinks between holes, or marks on the outside surface, for a finished look.

    We have made many steel radius punches and Smart Pad Systems for such applications.

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